Thursday, September 14, 2000

Day 1

I gave the grand tour of Davis to Peggy today and managed to make it last 3 hours. (Olivia didn’t believe me.) We did the "memorials to the dead Sykes kids," saw all the high points, like my dentist’s office, the supermarket where I shop, Walt’s office, most of the places where I’ve worked, and topped off the tour with a visit to Ned so Peggy could meet the pugs. We also spent some time at Office Max and stopped in a coffee shop for coffee and a cookie.

We came home and Peggy read and answered e-mail while I napped, then I read and answered e-mail while she napped.

She put her new cameras together (she has 3 new digital cameras) while I cooked dinner. (Walt was at the opera in San Francisco tonight.) Then we had a lovely dinner out on the patio, following which we turned on a National Geographic special on apes and gorillas and we both napped.

Now it’s 1 a.m. and I’m starting to do transcription before going to bed.

Can you believe she’s flown 10,000 miles for this?

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