Thursday, September 21, 2000

My City By the Bay

Peggy and I have had such a great couple of days. Be sure to read yesterday’s journal entry too. I decided to take a day off without the computer and just have fun. Peggy fainted. But I did have a great time.

We started out Tuesday morning by driving to San Francisco and going to Greens’ Restaurant for lunch. The weather, which had been predicted to be hot, could not have been more perfect. It was warm but breezy. The air was crystal clear and from our window seat at Greens we had straight shot at the Golden Gate bridge. It doesn’t get better than that.

We next stopped at my favorite building in San Francisco, The Palace of Fine Arts, remnant of the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition. We took a long time to walk around the lagoon and take pictures.

We drove to Golden Gate Bridge and took pictures, both in the parking lot by the bridge and below it at Fort Point. We had planned to walk across the bridge but decided to postpone it a day, so we could borrow jackets from O in case it got too cold.

Next we drove out to the ocean beach, took pictures of all the people trying to escape higher temps in the city, went through the Musee Mechanique, and then back through Golden Gate Park to the freeway, to the East Bay, and to O’s house. We were going to have barbecued steak for dinner, but the gas tank was empty, so we broiled the steak and had steak and salad while watching the Olympics. I conked out early, ‘cause I’d been up very early that morning.

Today we planned to walk the bridge. We borrowed the jackets, uploaded yesterday’s pix to Club Photo, and then, when the traffic had a chance to clear, drove over to San Francisco. I said a couple of days ago, "if you want to make God laugh, tell her your plans for tomorrow." Obviously we were not going to get great photos from our walk across the bridge. God had turned on the air conditioning and there was a thick finger of fog pointing across the bay to Alcatraz. The bridge had essentially disappeared.

The rest of the city had not yet been enveloped in fog, so we drove up to Twin Peaks, where we could look out over the whole city, and photograph the fog finger. We then drove over to the bridge itself. It was, indeed, hidden by fog, but we managed to get some photos of bits of it. And we also decided to walk across.

Peggy thought cold would be the limiting factor so we only gave ourselves an hour on the meter in the parking lot. As it turned out, we were quite toasty in our borrowed jackets and could easily have gone the whole way across the bridge, but had to get back before we got a parking ticket. It was just great, though. I was lovin’ the cold so much I even took off my sweater and just let the fog chill me to the bone. I purely LOVE feeling cold when I know it’s over 100 here in the valley!

When we finally returned to the car, we decided to go to Sausalito for lunch. Once we had crossed the bridge, the sun came out again, and Sausalito was warm enough that we left jackets in the car. Peg found some wonderful gifts at an art store and we stopped in a lovely atrium-type restaurant for lunch. We walked around a bit and finally got back to the car and headed back home.

The plan had been to go to the farmer’s market tonight, but (a) it’s too hot, (b) we were too tired, and (c) Walt had to go to a meeting anyway. So I threw a casserole together for dinner and now I’m supposedly working, Peg is watching the Olympics and Walt is at his meeting.

A great couple of days. Tomorrow we’re going off to the state capitol in search of squirrels (the four-legged kind), and then back to Davis to meet a friend for lunch.

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