Monday, September 18, 2000

Giraffes and Monkeys and Bees, Oh My!

We had an absolutely delightful day at the Sacramento Zoo today. I hadn’t been there in about 25 years, but Peggy is a real animal person and so we decided to give it a try. It was predicted to be hot, so we decided to go early (10 a.m.) and that proved a wise decision. We had wonderful weather throughout our tour, and it didn’t really begin to heat up until we were leaving, some 4 hours later.

We parked the car in William Land Park and walked to the Zoo entrance. On the way, we passed under a tree where there was a huge beehive.

Peggy and I both took pictures. Walt was feeling like he wanted to get outta there quickly!

We toured the entire zoo, but spent the most time watching the giraffes with their huge long prehensile tongues...

...the orangutans, having fun playing with some laundry, and the chimpanzees, chasing each other around the cage and shrieking loudly.

I decided there must be gay chimps. These two bared their teeth and kept the females at the top of the enclosure while the two of them were smooching in front of the glass that separated them from their audience!

We stopped for lunch in the mid-afternoon, with Peggy trying to decide if she liked American hot dogs or not. Of course we ended the day with some time in the Zoo shop. Peggy didn’t buy everything with zebras on it, but darn near!

When we returned home we relaxed in front of the TV (and Peggy gave me a hard time for nodding off and sleeping through the story of Celine Dion). Peggy did some ironing (a word I vaguely know the meaning of), and we had a nice dinner before the Olympics started. Peggy and Walt watched the Olympics, while I concentrated on finishing the review of last night’s show.

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