Sunday, September 17, 2000

O and Fry's

Peggy’s exciting vacation continues. We were expecting O to come around noon today, so we didn’t do much in the morning. About 10 minutes before noon, O called to say she had too much to do and wouldn’t be coming after all. She’s going to call tomorrow to check on plans. We had been debating about whether to stay home and watch the Olympics or to go in to Sacramento. Peggy decided she wanted to go to Fry’s.

Get this woman within 20 miles of an electronics/computer store and she begins to twitch, I’ve discovered. Fry’s has a huge store in Sacramento, so we spent an hour or so there, looking at computer programs (didn’t buy any), magazines (bought 2 on digital photography), books (bought a couple), paper (bought some), printers (didn’t buy any), CDs (too expensive for mini CDs), and disks (bought lots for our respective digital cameras). After stopping for coffee in the coffee shop, we checked out and drove on home again. She still hasn’t actually seen the city of Sacramento, since Fry’s is out on the outskirts, but we did have a good time.

We’re getting into a pattern here. We hit the house and Peggy heads for the back yard for a smoke while I head for the office to check e-mail. We tolerate each other’s idiosyncrasies.

I made an early dinner tonight--hot brie pasta--which Peggy pronounced good. I’m 3 for 4. Her first night here it was so late by the time we got home from the airport, I just threw together some risotto and I was a little worried about how the six weeks was going to go when she announced that she didn’t like it, so was leaving it on her plate. However, the next three dinners have been a hit, so I think I’ll let her stay.

Tomorrow we’re going to go check out the Sacramento Zoo. I haven’t been there since the kids were little, and I remember I didn’t like it much because it was so small and the animals didn’t seem happy. I hope it’s changed some in the past 25 years.

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